The type of wife I’ll never be!

It’s so weird when you live at someone’s house as an au pair and see how different people function together…

I’m not too curious person about someone’s else affaires but sometimes I have no choice but hear everything because it’s just simply too loud.

And that’s how exactly was the last night. I was watching House of Cards on Netflix with my headphones on. And then after midnight I heard some noises even through the headphones. I got scared so I quickly took them off and try to hear what’s going on.

Then I heard a voice of my host mom, she was screaming. I was wondering maybe something happened and I could help but I didn’t want to interrupt as well so I decided to try listen what’s going. I didn’t think it was anything wrong because it was super loud and if she had some private matter then she wouldn’t be so loud about it, right?

I couldn’t understand much, but the very first moment I realized she’s just mad at my host dad for playing on new Nintendo Switch I came back to my show. I didn’t need to hear that argument, first of all it’s none of my business, second of all it’s so stupid…

My host hardly ever play video games, since they bought Nintendo Switch on Christmas it’s actually the first time I saw him gaming. And night is probably the only time when he can play in peace without kids disturbing and demanding their turn.

As a wife I’d understand that sometimes someone just want to keep playing even tho he should sleep. It doesn’t matter really, especially when it happens so rarely. I’ll never be a wife who yell at my husband for something like that… Every one deserve a nerdy time sometimes! Well my future husband will be a lucky man with such an understanding and chilled lady 😂


Transformation of white cropped t-shirt

So I bought this white cropped T-shirt at Target and from the very beginning, I knew I want to remake it somehow. I knew I wanted something Nerdy… I was thinking maybe of Zelda, then Super Mario. Their star is super cute so why not?


But then I thought it’s not gonna look too good since it’s cropped, skinny t-shirt. The star would be deformed if I put it in the middle of the T-shirt and if I did 2 of them I’d end up with 2 stars on my bust… No thank you, it’d definitely look weird.

But then I saw Boo and I thought he’s gonna be perfect in the bottom corner of my t-shirt! So I started the process of creating my dreamed t-shirt:


I used special markers for textiles. I think I paid around $10 for the pack of 10 different colours. So far my sketch looks so bad… Let’s look at the next step…


Now it’s a bit better but still poor, isn’t it? lol


At that point, I was wondering if I should live it black and white since I wanted it to be simple or add something? I decided to add!


I think now it looks simple and cute, can’t wait to gather a nice outfit and wear it together. I’ll need to show you effects! Here’s how the T-shirt looks with it 🙂


I hope you like this simple idea for fun transformation of boring white t-shirt into a geeky nice cropped top! 🙂

Perfect makeup for Hazel eyes

Hi guys!

A lot of people have hazel eyes but they are not that visible without strong direct light. However, girls can put a makeup that brings out the most of their green part of eyes by using right eyeshadows. It can change expression and how light is reflected. So here is how my makeup looked for making my hazel eyes as much visible as possible:

This is no filter photo and you can compare with my previous pictures, my eyes have never been more green than here. I used Boxy Charm products as a base.

This is December Boxy Charm eyeshadow set:


First I spread “POETIC” tone all around my eyelid. Then “AESTHETIC” on the “breaking line” of an eyelid. “THEORY” was applied closer to eyelashes. “CONSCIOUS” went as a contour on my cheekbones.

The eyelashes came in my November box:


Also, I used a makeup glitter which I bought at Target clearance for maybe $2! ❤

The look has to be finished with the thick black eyeliner!

I think this is a perfect makeup for the winter photo session 🙂 What do you think?

Christmas saved!

My previous post was saying about how I am meant to be alone during Christmas this year: Alone on Christmas Eve

I was feeling really sad about it, however, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be.

I managed to have a call with my family for a while, then my bf finished his job earlier so we could cook together a meal and go for the Christmas Eve mass at the church. Maybe I didn’t have a traditional Christmas Eve with my family but I’ll see them again soon… I’m looking forward to that. At least I had one person with me whom I love.


Also, I had a lesson. There’s plenty of people with great hearts. Unfortunately, I saw it too late, but one of my WordPress buddies show me kindness and offered to keep a company if I need one during the Christmas Eve, thank you so much! You’re such a wonderful person Chandan Sinha

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Alone on Christmas Eve

I know I was meant to be Alone but not Lonely, but this time of year it finally makes me actually feel lonely. I’m away from my family and the only person close to my heart here in the U.S. has to go to work…

So I’m planning on going for night Mass, the special one for Christmas Eve. It’s the tradition that is going to keep me feeling at least a bit connected with my home. But there’s going to be no meal in the evening, no fun conversations or laugh.

Just Alone

I’ll call my family in the morning because of the 8 hours time difference, but when it’s an evening I’ll have no company. It’s going to be depressive…

But I’ll be fine, just as I always do. I’ll find my way to keep going and be positive again after a while. It’s fine to let feel sorry for yourself once a year, isn’t it?

We are born as individuals and we must learn how to deal with everything on our own because at some point in life we will have a situation where we will be left alone with something. Even while being in a happy relationship,  it’s impossible for someone to fully understand our sensitivity, thoughts or heart desires. There’s always a part of us that no one has access to.

Forced love

As an au pair, I witness so many funny situations. Today I took my 3,5 years old boy for a playdate with his best friend who’s 4.

The older kid was eating grapes and their conversation was going something like that:

-Do you want some grapes?
-They are so good! You need to eat!

And at that point, he just took a grape and pushed it into his mouth!

-I told you they are good and you would be happy to eat them!

He was chewing and started to smile

-Thank you!

It’s so cute how he wanted his best friend to be happy even against his will lol. And actually it made me think, sometimes we don’t know what is gonna make us happy and we refuse it and it is better if something will throw us into something. We need friends who can push us into something good and want our happiness more than anything else.

Btw. it has to be their family thing, his mom brought me the same morning this delicious cookie and said that I need to try it 🙂 I love her, she’s such an amazing person!

Little things like that mean so much and they can make someone’s day so much better. Let’s surprise someone and do something nice to them tomorrow!


December Boxy Charm

I got my box a while ago, however, it was so busy! Now I have a moment to share with you what I got!!

If you don’t know what is Boxy Charm here is the explanation —> Boxy Charm finally came!

As always my little lady got excited about it as well and she didn’t let me take too many pictures without her in it…




value: $30

I love the colour when you put it on your face, this alien blue! However, so far it didn’t work too well for me. After I used it I got new pimples but I’m still gonna give it another chance. Maybe it’s coincidence and it was a fault of other factors




value: $20

I totally love it! I hardly ever use transparent lipsticks, however, this one is so cute! And you can use it on top of your favourite red lipstick! I highly recommend it 🙂




value: $12

It looks so natural on my lips colour. It is great to be used even when you put a lot of eyeshadows because it does not make your makeup look like it’s too much. Just natural touch, invisible for someone else 🙂




value: $32

The fluffy puff applicator is super cute and actually, I really like how it transfer powder on my face. I love translucent setting powders, I was meant to buy a new one but now I don’t need it since I have such a nice one like this 🙂




value: $34

I really like tones and how natural finish you can get with those! I use the “conscious” tone as a counter (I’m new in doing that!)


I made perfect Instagram pictures with this Boxy Charm (I used my own eyebrows pencil and eyeliner)! Here’s my makeup:


If anyone is interested here is my referral link if you want to subscribe as well:

I’m looking forward to my January Boxy Charm which will be my last one before I leave USA T.T